GISP Group IT Staffing provider offers recruitment of highly qualified IT specialists

GISP Group

A Global IT Staffing Provider specialized in Development, IT Infrastructure,

IT Maintenance & Support and Management specialist

GISP Group

GISP Group started operations in the beginning of 2010 based on the idea to find a simple way for companies to source highly qualified IT resources – at a reasonable cost. Using our web-based system, our large database with more than 30,000 highly qualified IT specialist and extensive global network we will soon have your new associate on board.

Keep IT simple

We believe that the optimal communication between a client and associates should be directly between the two parties. It’s rarely common practise. But it’s the way we do it.
We have been establishing recruiter networks globally and we have found recruiters that support our ideas and values. It enables us to locate IT resources to work all over the world.

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Transparency Policy

We are open and honest in all aspects of our business. Our open book policy ensures full transparency on margins and rates, details of which are happily disclosed to our clients and our contractors alike. All our prices are estimated locally on each market place.

Clarification by IT Specialist

We have experienced Project Managers in our team to clarify Job resource requirements and qualify Consultants skills and experience, this ensures that the CV’s that we forward to you will be 99.9% suitable for the role and within budget.

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